We live in a fast-paced world where instant gratification rules the day. We want things, and we want them yesterday. Technology has advanced so dramatically over the past few years that you can order something online and expect it at your front door within just a couple of days. But even that isn’t always enough. Now it is even possible to have items delivered to your car! The company making that possible is, of course, Amazon. Certain General Motors models are among those that are included in the new In-Car Delivery initiative for Amazon Prime members in 37 cities, including right here in Westland (with more cities to come). You may be asking, “Can Amazon deliver to my Buick?” Read ahead for more details.

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How does the Amazon Key work with Buick and GMC?

Using Amazon Key, you are able to have packages delivered right to your vehicle as long as it is parked in a publicly accessible location. This is particularly perfect for situations where you’re at work and may not be anticipating going home for a while, so rather than have your package sitting out on your porch or your front steps for hours and hours at a time, you can rest assured that what you ordered is safely in your vehicle.

Owners of 2015 or newer Buick and GMC models are able to take advantage of this unique program. It’s easy to set up Amazon Key In-Car Delivery. Customers wishing to use this service can download the Amazon Key App and then opt in to link their Amazon and OnStar accounts. When that is finished and the location for delivery has been set up, customers can shop on Amazon like normal and then select the In-Car option for delivery when checking out. Customers can add or change delivery addresses at any time. Once the package delivery is on its way, customers will get a notification on the app, and another when it has been completed. It’s that simple.

To check on eligibility, you can visit for more information. What do you think of this new service? Will you be taking part in it?

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